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As well as being experts in activity construction we have over 20 years experience working in the Adventure Industry. It's safe to say we have worn every hat there is - we've been instructors, we've operated sites, we trained instructor teams, we've led inspections and advised on PPE. That's why we're happy to be able to offer our knowledge and expertise to you and your business through our other complimentary services.


A comprehensive inspection process is an essential part of ensuring that any adventure activities and their associated equipment are initially fit for purpose and that the deterioration of materials and equipment on a used facility is detected before failure occurs. The requirement for a professional approach to the inspection processes is essential and should be factored into all safe operating plans and procedures. We can provide operational, periodic, adhoc and PPE inspections to ensure your site, staff and equipment adheres to the highest of safety standards and regulations. We work with an independent inspection organisation to provide our inspection services.

EN:15567 for Ropes Courses states the following inspection process:

  • Independent Inaugural Inspection - This inspection takes place when a new course is built and before first use, this will also include a functional test of the equipment. This must be carried out by a completly independent inspection company for this type of inspection we recommend Capstone Inspections LTD
  • Routine Inspections - These should be carried out before opening of the ropes course each day. This involves a visual check of critical components, an assessment of the general appearance of the course and surrounding environment. This will normally be completed by an appropriately trained instructor. 
  • Operational Inspections - This is a full and thorough inspection of the facility and is to be carried out every 1-3 months or as directed by the activity constructor. This inspection can be carried out by a suitably trained and experienced member of staff or by a suitably competent inspection company. According to the UK Ropes Course Guide this inspection should be as thorough as the periodic inspection with the only difference being the degree of independence.
  • Periodical Inspections - This inspection should be carried out at least once a year. The following shall be included as part of this process: Routine inspection; Operational inspection; Functional test at height; Assessment and replacement schedule for worn components; Examination of the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance; Arboreal assessment (if applicable), PPE inspection reports. This should be carried out by a suitably competent inspection company.
  • PPE Inspections - A full and thorough PPE inspection routine should be in place and carried out by a competent person or organisation on a regular basis. 7x19 are fully qualified to support you on any PPE needs, whether that be kit sourcing, staff education or inspection.


We can provide a full maintenance and modifications service for your adventure activities. We are able to react quickly and in most cases provide a fixed price quote if we have a defined scope of works. Each maintenance job will be treated with the same organisation and safety process as any larger build, so you can rest assured that you have our full support and attention.

Here are some examples of the maintenance work we can provide:

  • Belay or zip line cable replacement
  • Rotten pole replacements
  • Element replacement
  • Element refurbishment
  • Back up (Halo) replacement
  • Upgrade zip line braking systems
  • Course extensions
  • Course health checks
  • Upgrading instructor access
  • Head Rush products inspections and replacement parts
  • Powerfan inspections and replacement parts


Using our experience to help you. With a team of industry experts, having a combined 60 years of experience in operating and constructing adventure activities in over 15 countries, for different types of operators,  we can offer honest, practical and valuable advice for you, your activities and your wider business.

We can offer advice and guidance on the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Activity choice
  • Design
  • Cost analysis
  • Operational support
  • Operational health checks
  • Health and safety guidance
  • Training requirements
  • Engineering & structural calculations

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