As a key delivery partner for the amazing TAGactive® product in the UK, we can supply gamified obstacle courses which use innovative beacon technology. TAGactive® courses are designed to test strategy, speed, agility, awareness and bravery whilst promoting fitness, fun and competition.

TAGactive® Courses or “Arenas” include a creative blend of physical obstacles and challenging events mixed with fun and immersive elements that make up the multilevel, multi-zoned activity. 

All participants or “players” wear electronic bands which provide gamification of the Arenas and generate competitive metrics to heighten the enjoyment intensity!

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Technical information

Standard Specification:

  • Each Arena contains a structure of inter-connected activity areas, which are split into separate zones, permitting enhanced player distribution and capacity management.
  • Hidden throughout the Arena and within the activities are a large number of illuminated TAG’s.
  • The TAG’s are controlled via a central computer system and glow in different colours corresponding to a predetermined points system.
  • Points are collected by players using a sensor worn as a wristband.

  • When a wristband is located onto a TAG’s light source, a point’s value is allocated to the specific player’s wristband. As the player identifies and reaches more TAG’s the player's score escalates.
  • The point’s value allocated to each TAG will be determined by the degree of difficulty incurred in trying to reach it.
  • During one booked session it is envisaged that players will take part in three fifteen minute games with a short period for rest and hydration between each game.
  • Arenas can be designed to suit available spaces and required capacities.

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