Ropes Courses

Ropes Courses

Ropes or Aerial-Trekking Courses are a proven activity in the leisure industry and are suitable for very young children through to grandparents. They all consist of a number of elements over one or multiple levels. Each section can be designed for a certain age range or ability.

Our courses for smaller children are typically only 1m off the ground, this way a parent or guardian can walk alongside and give valuable support and encouragement.

Our larger structures can be built on standalone frames, hung from the ceilings of buildings or amongst existing trees. The safety systems we use tend to be of a continuous type which means once the instructor has secured the participant to the system, then it cannot be removed until they are at the end, this ensures complete safety, less training and high throughput.

We work with multiple belay system manufacturers and can install a variety of systems, each offer different degrees of interaction for your client, in order to suit your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Steel, timber or from an existing structure
Choice of access
Single or multiple levels
Choice of amount & type of elements
Layout to suit your site
Choice of bolt on activities
Choice of Safety System
Choice of finished ground covering and fencing

Technical information

Standard Specification:

  • Conforms to EN:15567 for Ropes Courses
  • Independent inaugural inspection
  • Restricted access
  • Designed to reduce the need for maintenance
  • Designed with safe Instructor access for inspections
  • 1 year ‘no quibble’ warranty
  • Galvanised steel work (other finished available)
  • Safety and operating documentation to EN:15567

Example list of elements that can be incorporated into a 7x19 Aerial Trekking Rope Course:

  • Bosu Balls
  • Spiders Web
  • Skate Board
  • Bishbash Bags
  • Burma Bridge
  • Balance Beam
  • Climbing Traverse 
  • Multi Vines
  • Cargo Net
  • Step Across
  • Indi Bridge
  • Flea Jumps
  • Zip Wire

Additional Services:

  • Finished ground covering
  • Fencing
  • Shelters
  • PPE
  • Training

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