Team Swing

Team Swings are designed to involve the whole group, which is great for team building and teamwork exercises. A real test of nerve, participants are rewarded in adrenaline the longer they choose to hold on before release.

Team Swings begin as one or two participants are hoisted into the air by other members of the group. Unlike other activities, the participant(s) in the air have the choice of when to commence the swing by activating a quick release mechanism by their side. The higher they go the greater and faster the swing!

A Team Swing is a great activity to bring groups of children or adults together, providing an exciting yet safe way to encourage one another and feel the benefits of being supported by their peers.

As with all our products, safety is paramount which is why participants are secured to the safety system from a mounting trolley. 

If you are interested in installing a Team Swing at your facility, we would be delighted to talk through your ideas, and explain more about the activity involved, during a no-obligations phone conversation.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Steel, timber or from an existing structure
Choice of type of finished ground covering and fencing
Choice of multiple swings from one structure

Technical information

Standard Specification:

  • Conforms to EN:15567 for Ropes Courses
  • Independent inaugural inspection
  • Restricted access (where required)
  • Designed to reduce the need for maintenance
  • Designed with safe instructor access for inspections
  • 1 year ‘no quibble’ warranty
  • Steel or timber construction
  • Galvanised steel work (Other finishes available)
  • Concrete launchpad and hoist runway
  • High quality bearings with built in redundancy
  • Double guy system for increased stability
  • Auto locking device on hoisting system for increased safety
  • Participants self release is possible from any height
  • Heights can vary but typically the swing is 13m above the ground
  • Safety and operating documentation to EN:15567

Additional Services:

  • Safety fencing
  • Can be built indoors
  • PPE
  • Training
  • Shelters
  • Finished ground surface

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