Low Ropes

Low Ropes

Designed to challenge all abilities and ages, Developmental Low Ropes Courses are an excellent team activity due to the reliance on one another for both safety and support.

Whilst a fully trained and qualified instructor will be on site at all times for supervision, the absence of need for fall arrest PPE means that groups must work together to offer spotting and guidance throughout the activity. 

Low Ropes generally fall into two categories:

1. 7x19 Team Challenge Elements

    Team Challenge Elements are individual tasks which are designed to be completed by a single group. Teams will work collaboratively to complete each task before moving on to the next one. Forcing groups to work as a team, Team Challenge Elements focus on teambuilding and peer-to-peer support and encouragement. 

    Example Team Challenge Elements include:

    • Mo Hawk Walk
    • Criss X
    • Wild Woosey
    • All Aboard
    • Equilibrium Challenge
    • Giants Finger
    • Trust Fall 
    • Spiders Web
    • Peg Pole Traverse
    • Minefield
    • Zawn Crossing

    2. 7x19 Low Continuous Challenge Course

    A Low Continuous Challenge Course is made up of a series of challenges, which includes popular elements such as the Postman’s Walk, Multi-Vine and Balance Beams.

    Designed to focus on individual skill and physical movements, young children in particular typically benefit more from these courses, which require less team working.

    A Low Continuous Challenge Course is best built in a wooded area. If trees are not suitable or available for attachment then a Continuous Challenge Course can be built on timber or steel poles.

    Low Ropes Courses are a brilliant, affordable and flexible product because they require less space than higher activities, and can be designed to your specific requirements. All our courses are always designed with safety in mind.

    Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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    Choice of type of course, Team challenge or Continuous
    Choice of type and number of elements
    Steel or timber structure
    Choice of finished ground covering & fencing
    Choice of layout to suit location

    Technical information

    Standard Specification:

    • Designed to reduce the need for maintenance
    • 1 year ‘no quibble’ warranty
    • Steel or timber construction
    • Galvanised steel work (other finishes available)
    • If timber, all poles to be fitted with pole saver sleeves or above ground
    • Safety and operating documentation

    Additional Services:

    • Finished ground covering
    • Fencing
    • PPE
    • Training
    • Shelter

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